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Cuban Link Chains and Hip Hop Jewelry

Sal Aqua Master

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OK, so let’s talk about Cuban link chains. Um, who are you and what have you done with Tali, the one who’s always going on and on about diamonds and other precious gemstone pieces? It’s a fair question. Gems are my favorite part of jewelry and always will be. But today’s post is dedicated to a jewelry trend that I haven’t discussed very much up to this point, one which doesn’t even involve diamonds at all. I know, I know, so out of character for me. I’ll get back to gemstones soon enough, but for now, let’s get our hip-hop on....

Hip Hop Jewelry

Sal Aqua Master

Tags Cuban Link Chains

The influence of hip hop on fine jewelry   While it’s a fairly new genre, Hip Hop and fashion are synonymous in today’s pop culture. Popular artists in the urban music scene are not only becoming music icons but influencers and trend setters in the world of fashion and in some cases, industry moguls by developing their own fashion lines to capitalize on this emerging market.  Jewelry serves as a status symbol and a reminder of the humble beginnings of many urban artists.  Beginning in the 1980’s expensive jewelry represented social change, when images of wealth and success as music... does not accept any returns. We will gladly accept exchanges for all items sold online but they are only valid in store.

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